Real Estate Site Helps Music Lovers Find Decibel-Friendly Neighborhoods

Real Estate Site Helps Music Lovers Find Decibel-Friendly Neighborhoods

First website that connects people who are happy to live an area with rowdy neighbors.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 september 2013

Even though the assumption is that most people are looking for a quiet neighborhood to settle down in, there is also a group of hardcore individuals that want an area which is welcoming to noise.

To accommodate these music lovers, Swedish agency Åkestam Holst and home entertainment retailer Pause have created a way for high-volume enthusiasts in the housing market to search for noise-accommodating neighborhoods.

The Stockholm House Equalizer is the first real-estate website aimed at those who want to find a noise-friendly neighborhood, along with homes built to ehance, and endure, the acoustics. It even offers advice about the best Pause sound system to install in your household for maximum music enjoyment.


The website features an interactive map of Stockholm alongside a graphic equalizer bar with numbers ranging from 1 to 10. As you adjust the level of intensity, there is a Pause sound system to go along with each of them. Altering the decibel level also increases, or decreases the number of houses that show up on the map – complete with basic property and pricing information, as well as a direct link to the real-estate website.

Construction and sound specialists working on the project developed an algorithm to determine how loud a person can have their music before attracting complaints from the neighbors. In areas that aren’t so accommodating, there is always the option of installing sound-insulating materials to make sure your music can go on through the night.


Stockholm House Equalizer

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