Real-Time Billboard Features Children’s Drawings [Video]

Real-Time Billboard Features Children’s Drawings [Video]

Project Colour encourages kids to be creative and confident through art.

Serena Chu
  • 19 september 2013

The kids at the Ashburnham Community School are given the chance to paint the world around them and share their creativity with the people of London. The Chelsea based advertising agency DLKW Lowe helped kickstart Project Colour, which is a project that highlights the importance of arts education in primary schools because art helps to cultivate a more well-rounded student.

color project 2

Project Colour encourages students in the school to think creatively and understand the diversity in the world. DLKW specifically created an iPad app that allows kids to visualize the World’s End Estate the way they see it. Through the app, kids can now paint directly onto a digital billboard, sharing their works of art with friends. Taking the idea even further, Project Colour created a collage of all the paintings and exhibited it on billboards across London.

While it is hard to transform a society, Project Colour believes that providing children with a sturdy platform to express their creativity will ultimately lead to a brighter, more charming world.

Add a touch of color to your life; check out what the kids are imagining:

Project Colour


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