Redesigned First Aid Kit Offers More Organized Layout During Emergencies [Pics]

Redesigned First Aid Kit Offers More Organized Layout During Emergencies [Pics]

Compartmental design ensures easy access to life-saving supplies

Ross Brooks
  • 20 september 2013

The traditional first-aid kit might be easy for a trained professional to navigate, but for those without previous experience, the time it takes to find something could mean the difference between life and death. Designer Kevin Harald Campean has created an answer to this problem by redesigning the typical first-aid Kit with a bold, functional, and possibly iconic layout.

Instead of the traditional red or blue color, he opted for orange to make the kit immediately recognizable. The kit also comes with instructions for how to open it, and compartments that  allow first-aiders to find everything effortlessly. Each compartment even has an icon to describe where everything is located, a feature that could be extremely useful when the adrenaline is flowing and reading proves to be more difficult than it seems.


The concept can be adapted to accommodate more or fewer medical supplies depending on where you would normally find the kit. For companies concerned with branding, the design also lends itself well to different colors and the addition of logos.

Take a look through the gallery to see just how well organized a first-aid kit can really be:

Kevin Harald Campean

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