Standard Sedan Magically Extends Into A Spacious RV [Video]

Standard Sedan Magically Extends Into A Spacious RV [Video]

Ovicuo’s “Kangaroo Camper Travel Pack” is a portable system that extends the car’s interior, offering a mobile living space with sleeping, eating, and cooking areas.

Daniela Walker
  • 27 september 2013

The Renault Kangoo Camper is not a typical car. It is a sedan-camper van hybrid that lets city-dwellers take to the country at a moment’s notice with everything, stove included, in their backseat.


Created in a collaboration between French car manufacturer Renault and Ovicuo Design, the design takes a traditional Kangoo and kits it out with modular accessories needed for outdoor living. Included is a mini-kitchen fitted with a gas stove and a sink, as well as portable tables and chairs. When the wining and dining is done with, campers can rearrange the furniture in the car to create a flat bed in the back for cozy sleeping. The car is small enough to suit city driving with the expandable amenities to let adventureres roam free if they desire.


Check out the video of the Renault Kangoo Camper in action below:

Kangoo Camper Travel Pack


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