Belt Buzzes Directions For Hands-Free Sightseeing [Video]

Belt Buzzes Directions For Hands-Free Sightseeing [Video]

The Triposo Travel Belt vibrates to give directions to the traveler's destination.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 september 2013

Mobile travel guide Triposo has apps that help people explore places and wander around like a local, but Triposo wanted to take it up a notch and let people travel with ease and do away with constantly looking at their mobile phones for directions.

That’s why Triposo has developed a travel belt to go with their app.

The Travel Belt connects to the wearer’s smartphone and gives out directions by buzzing. The belt works with the Triposo app and is activated by tapping the “Buzz Me There” option. The app sends a signal to the belt to tell the wearer where to go. The belt has four built-in vibration motors that will buzz left, right, straight or back.



The Travel Belt uses the headphone jack to connect to the phone and works with iOS and Android devices. The belt aims to make it easy for travelers to explore and refrain from taking out their phones all the time.

Triposo’s Travel Belt already launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for its development of a sellable product. Take a look at the campaign video below.



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