Slow-Motion Wedding Photo Booth Captures Celebratory Moments [Video]

Slow-Motion Wedding Photo Booth Captures Celebratory Moments [Video]
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Production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo came up with a fun alternative to traditional photo booths.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 september 2013

It looks like slow-motion photo booths are going to be the next new trendy thing to have at wedding receptions or at any event for that matter.

Created by Seattle-based production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo, the slow-motion photo booth uses cameras that shoot at 160 frames per second. The resulting footage is simply a different way of showing people having fun and celebrating at events.

The company’s slow motion footage for a recent wedding has been making its rounds on the internet and giving people an idea of what slow-motion photo booths are about.



Watch the video below to see it for yourselves.

Super Frog Saves Tokyo

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