Notebook Has Carved Out Space For Constant Phone Access [Pics]

Notebook Has Carved Out Space For Constant Phone Access [Pics]
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Keep working on your latest project even in the middle of a meeting.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 september 2013

A new concept from designers at Taiwanese firm kbme2 aims to fuse digital and analog processes using a notebook called “phone+book.” This unique design makes it possible to draw inspiration from a digital source that can be immediately transcribed to your notes or sketches.

Opening the notebook reveals a very obvious phone-shaped hole that runs through the entire book. By placing your phone in this pre-cut compartment, it is possible to use it for sourcing information, while directly recording any ideas or designs on the pages next to it.


A customized pencil also slots within the interior of the book, and can not only be used for writing and drawing but also turned upside down and used to scroll through the phone. Apart from reducing the chance of cranking your next looking back and forth between a screen and notebook, phone+book could also be used to work discreetly on projects while in the middle of a meeting, or surrounded by prying eyes.


Via DesignBoom

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