12 Stories You Need To Know Today

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

More recruiters look for job candidates on social media, software that turns photographs into 3D models and England to ditch paper banknotes.

Laura Chase
  • 12 september 2013

Survey shows that more people get hired from social media sites than traditional board jobs. Mashable

Software turns objects in photographs into 3D models. Wired

UK start-up to launch first electric vehicle taxi service. Green Wise

Intel to sell sub-$100 tablets before holiday season. Ubergizmo

Four-Seasons Hotel puts its renowned cuisine on a food truck. Huffington Post

Hotspotio, the app that lets you share your WiFi hotspot in exchange for public gratitude .The Next Web

Apple’s iTunes radio will be released in September 18th. The New York Times

Bank of England to ditch paper banknotes for plastic by 2016. The Drum

Apple’s iOS in the car will turn texts into voice guided driving directions Skift

Visit the Moto X Factory on Google Street View. The Next Web

Neiman Marcus sold for $6 billion. Luxury Launches

Volkswagen to launch electric e-Golf by late 2014. Engadget

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