Spinning TV Monitor Creates 3D Light Sculptures In Mid-Air [Video]

Spinning TV Monitor Creates 3D Light Sculptures In Mid-Air [Video]

Student designers push the boundaries of the traditional function of television.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 september 2013

Created by Benjamin Muzzin for his Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECALFull Turn explores the third dimension by breaking free from the limitations of a traditional TV screen, more specifically, the frame it sits in. His aim was to give images volume in space, a goal he seems to have achieved quite spectacularly.

The device he created consists of two screens placed back to back, which create a three-dimensional animated sequence that can be seen at 360 degrees. This dual screen is then rotated around a central point at extremely high speeds, manifesting simple shapes at first, and more elaborate kinetic light sculptures after that.


Be sure to watch the video and see these floating light sculptures take shape out of thin air:


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