Square Wine Bottles Free Up Storage Shelf Space [Pics]

Square Wine Bottles Free Up Storage Shelf Space [Pics]

Stranger & Stranger gives the California Square wine an update through a space-saving packaging design.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 september 2013

Truett-Hurst’s California Square wine gets a new bottle design in the form of a square bottle that not only helps wine lovers save on shelf space, but also helps reduce the amount of outer packaging required for the wine.

Designed by Kevin Shaw of branding and packaging design company Stranger & Stranger, the square bottle design features vintage graphics, embossing, and comes in three main accent colors–blue, burgundy, and gold.

The new square design also saves up on cardboard boxes, which in turn can help save on shipping and storage.

The premium bottles made their pre-release debut during the festivities surrounding this year’s Emmy Awards. The new bottles will be available at Total Wines in October.



Check out images of the new square bottle in the gallery below.


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