Hacked SUV Lets Drivers Control The Car From The Backseat [Video]

Hacked SUV Lets Drivers Control The Car From The Backseat [Video]

This customized automobile from Dubai that appears to drive itself.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 september 2013

The term backseat driver may have been taken a little bit too literally by King of Customs, an auto-styling company based in Dubai. Instead of having the steering wheel, pedals, and other essential driving equipment up front where you would expect them, they have all been relocated to the backseat.

It might be a strange sight to see this 2008 modified Nissan Patrol SUV driving down the street, especially as it would look like there is no one driving at all. Fitted with LCD screens in the dashboard, passengers could lazily wave to shocked onlookers as they catch up with their latest TV shows.


There would probably be a lot of challenges with this kind of driving setup such as visibility, checking mirrors and other safety essentials while on the road. It’s definitely an original idea, and while we can’t think of any serious uses for it, there is probably someone out there who has been searching high and low for a vehicle you can drive from the backseat.

For a guided tour of the customized Nissan, be sure to watch the following video:

King of Customs


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