Taxi System Alerts Forgetful Passengers When Items Are Left Behind

Taxi System Alerts Forgetful Passengers When Items Are Left Behind

Before and after photo comparisons detect lost personal items before the cab drives off.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 september 2013

Even though the Japanese service sector is already know for its impeccable service, one company has decided to go even further, and develop a system that alerts careless passengers when they leave something behind.

Kokusai Motorcars has teamed up with local tech consultancy Ideacross to develop the system, which consists of four cameras – one under the driver’s seat, one under the front passenger seat, one on the ceiling and one in the car’s trunk.

The idea works by comparing before and after images of the areas photographed, detecting any items that were not there before, such as a purse or cell phone. When this happens, an alarm sounds, giving the passenger a chance to retrieve the errant item before the taxi drives off.


Issues of privacy have been addressed by the company, who claim that any faces captured won’t be identifiable, in addition to plenty of notices around the taxi letting passengers know the system is in place. The taxi company plans to install the system in all of its 3,100 vehicles at a cost of about $500 each.

Kokusai is the only firm planning to offer this particular service, but judging by the highly competitive nature of the service sector in Japan, it won’t be long before other companies start to do the same.



Image via KM Group, christianmlau

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