Traveling Orb Brings The Sun To Dark, Wintery Countries [Pics]

Traveling Orb Brings The Sun To Dark, Wintery Countries [Pics]
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Two artists brave treacherous conditions to bring LED sunshine to those in darkness

Ross Brooks
  • 24 september 2013

The sun is something that can be taken for granted, especially in countries that are sunny all year round. Some places in the world don’t get much sun when the Winter rolls around, some don’t get any at all. Norwegian artists Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad decided to remedy this problem by bringing the sun to the places and the people that needed it most.

A collaborative effort between designers and the two artists meant they were able to construct a large, circular light full of LEDs known as the traveling “SUN.” This artificial sun is exceptionally bright, and slowly changes color, melting into deep reds and lilacs. When firmly erected on to a pick up truck complete with wind-breakers and a generator, it’s quite possible to pass off the LED substitute as the real thing.


Lisa and Christine drove hundreds of miles with the sun, enduring icy conditions and unforgiving weather to bring people a little ray of hope. They also filmed the reactions of those who got a chance to experience the warm embrace of the glowing orb’s presence.



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