Treadmill-Powered Internet Connection Fueled By Runner’s Speed [Video]

Treadmill-Powered Internet Connection Fueled By Runner’s Speed [Video]

A software developer hooked up his exercise machine to his computer to motivate himself to exercise more.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 september 2013

How does a software developer motivate himself to get off his computer chair and get on that treadmill? Hook them up together and use the treadmill to power the internet connection.

Brian Peiris took a standard manual treadmill and connected it to his computer and internet connection. Peiris removed the support railings of the treadmill to make it fit under his desk. He used the built-in sensor on the treadmill, connected the machine to his Arduino, and added a bit of code to hook up the machine to his computer.

Peiris can surf the internet and read articles online by walking on the treadmill. He also made a few adjustments to make web content load faster as he speeds up on the treadmill.


Watch the video of Peiris using his treadmill to power up his internet surfing.

Brian Peiris


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