Twitter-Directed Short Film Crowdsources Fans’ Vine Clips

Twitter-Directed Short Film Crowdsources Fans’ Vine Clips

Airbnb movie project aims to combine old and new forms of filmmaking.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 september 2013

Airbnb is looking to make the most of Vine with an ambitious project called Hollywood and Vines, a short film that consists entirely of six-second clips submitted on Twitter.

Starting on August 22nd, different sets of instructions were released between the hours of 8am and 5pm until August 27th. There was a 48 hour window for submissions for each set of instructions, and they were judged based on several weighted criteria: Originality & Creativity (40%), Compliance with Instructions (40%) and Video Quality & Clarity (20%).


If a video was selected, it appears in the final film, and winners received a $100 Airbnb coupon.

Speaking with core77,  Vivek Wagle said:

We realized that this was something that had never been attempted: not an ad, but a true work of art. It was a chance to use a new form of technology to explore the boundaries of collaborative creation. And we loved the poetry of linking the history of filmmaking (Hollywood) with the future of filmmaking (Vine).

Some of the challenges Wagle expected to face included people not understanding directions, a particular technique being too difficult, or visuals being too different stylistically when the final film is put together.

The finished video premiered on September 12th on the Sundance Channel, and can be viewed for the next month. Watch below for a sneak peek:

Wagle says:

It’s a story about personal transformation and finding one’s place in the world. It’s what happens when you decide to eschew the boring and familiar. In the end, the raw, imperfect nature of the medium is part of the story.

Hollywood and Vines

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