Giant Zipper Sculptures Reveal What Lies Beneath [Pics]

Giant Zipper Sculptures Reveal What Lies Beneath [Pics]
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Three-dimensional fasteners placed in public spaces around Japan leaves people to imagine a subterranean fantasy world.

Serena Chu
  • 27 september 2013

Without knowing, Jun Kitagawa found a way to further “unzip” the public’s appreciation of modern art. Kitagawa’s zipper installations utilizes the surrounding environment to redefine our perception of reality. Life-size zippers are set in public spaces around Japan, and also featured in the Rokko Meets Art Walk, which is an exhibition of contemporary art on the Rokko Mountain. These zippers seems as if they are “unzipping” another world, and surprising people with a light eroticism, explained by Kitagawa.

zipper 2

zipper 3

Kitagawa has always carried a certain fascination with art, and unknowingly became a notable artist in Japan. Struggling to dispose a surplus of t-shirts that were largely unpopular, he found a way to get rid of them by “covering up” nude statues around the town. Since then, Kitagawa’s art as evolved to encompass deeper meanings and bigger experiments, while still preserving the same level of humor and use of public spaces.

zipper 1

Jun Kitagawa



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