PSFK interviews the top contender in our Jawbone Connect Up design contest.

Following up on the Jawbone + PSFK Connect Up contest where we asked designers from around the world to come up with concepts for the connected home of the future, we interviewed runners up Zemoga about their submission Neighbornet, their design process and how context in digital environments is the careful blend of UX and core idea.

What is your process for concepting new products, interactions or designs?

Our DNA is a hybrid of innovation, creativity and technology. We approach any new concept not only from a creatively-driven headspace, but also from a tangible technology-based, logical approach. We consider ourselves UX Jedi Masters. Every action, share, download, purchase or search builds brand value. We design and build digital environments that enable those contextual transactions. On the flipside, an experience, even when implemented well, is only as strong as the core idea that drives people to engage.  Great ideas will inspire people to share and communicate around them.

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