Witty Workplace Wisdom Guide Helps Employees Survive Office Culture [Pics]

Witty Workplace Wisdom Guide Helps Employees Survive Office Culture [Pics]

Ad agency publishes a book that provides hilarious insight into the modern business.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 september 2013

Ad agency Division of Labor has created a survival guide for the rapidly changing ecosystem that is the modern office. It’s called “Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t” and aims to instill words of wisdom such as “Nothing good comes from hitting reply all.”

The idea started as posters that were hung in the storefront of the agency’s window in Sausalito, California. They proved so popular that people could not help but stop and take pictures, even asking whether or not they could buy the posters. From there, various blogs and publications spread the office insights far and wide.

Chronicle Books then stepped up and agreed to publish a book version of the project, something which inspired the agency to write even more of the funny anecdotes. “It’s not a good idea unless the lawyers say so,” and “The more you delegate, the less you can be blamed for,” are just some of the gems you can find in the book.


The agency even went beyond their own observations, commissioning a huge research project with a strategy group called The Paragraph Project that questioned 850 office workers around the country.

Here is a collection of some of the insights and observations, all of which you can find in the book, or buy from this website:

Division of Labor

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