Couture Collection Imagines A Future Of Zero-Waste Fashion

Couture Collection Imagines A Future Of Zero-Waste Fashion
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New York Designer Daniel Silverstein recycles fabric scraps to reduce textile pollution.

Serena Chu
  • 20 september 2013

Daniel Silverstein is tackling the problem of textile pollution, fighting for a cleaner fashion industry. Silverstein wants to show the fashion world that it is possible to create chic style without accumulating excess amounts of fabric scraps. Instead of throwing away leftover pieces, he finds new ways of incorporating them into his clothes. He adopted zero-waste techniques, such as applique, braiding, and alternative pleating to make the most out of his fabrics.

The garment factories wastes up to 20% of its material annually, dumping heinous amounts of fabric scraps into landfills because it is easier to discard than to recycle. Unlike other designers who are captivated by eco-friendly materials and incorporating them into their collections, Silverstein believes in something different – a design concept that would leave no “fabric footprints.”

daniel silverstein tan dress

Silverstein shared in an interview:

I started making patterns differently. I think of it like cookie dough. After cutting out a bunch of cookies, you have leftover scraps in strange shapes that you use to cut more cookies. That’s similar to cutting clothes. Instead of throwing the fabric scraps away, I find ways to work with the leftover shapes. I use these parameters to help push my creativity.

Silverstein is not the first to endorse zero-waste attire. Two years ago, Parsons the New School for Design began a zero waste movement, challenging students to find new ways of eco-friendly design. More and more designers and models are sharing the same compassions; we will definitely see more sustainable fashion designs in the future.

Daniel Silverstein


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