A 12-Year-Old’s Take On Everyday Marketing Concepts [Video]

A 12-Year-Old’s Take On Everyday Marketing Concepts [Video]

The “Max On Marketing” series provides a refreshing and unfiltered take on concepts, hosted by a youngster named Max Bryant.

Daniela Walker
  • 1 october 2013

Market research group, the Ministry of Culture, has a new employee and he is a 12-year-old boy named Max. Okay, while Max Bryant may not officially be on the payroll, he has been featured in a series of short videos about marketing for the company, where he gives advice about ads and the like to kids.

Max is the Ministry’s Minister of Meaning. Initially interviewed during market research conducted about snack foods, the company found that he was so eloquent that he deserved his own ‘punditry platform,’ said David Art Wales, Prime Minister of the Ministry of Culture. The ‘Max on Marketing’ series is an unscripted forum for the articulate youngster. Wales explained:

Max’s views are unfiltered and not always PC, and to be honest we’ve had some negative feedback, mainly from parents, but overall the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Most viewers assume there’s a script, but there’s none. Not even an outline. We just go into the studio and shoot Max discussing whatever’s on his mind.

Amongst the videos is a reminder for marketers not miss out on the opportunity to market to kids, who have pester power – that is the ability to pester parents into purchasing goods. The series currently has two episodes with more to follow, featuring Max on hashtags and memes. See the first two episodes below:

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