19th Century Bicycle Design Is Revived As A Modern E-Bike [Pics]

19th Century Bicycle Design Is Revived As A Modern E-Bike [Pics]
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Designers revisit the classic bike design that started it all.

Serena Chu
  • 29 october 2013

“Concept 1865” is the modern version of the famous 19th century’s velocipede. German design studio DING3000 and international chemical company BASF brought the classic bicycle back to life, and made sure it was reintroduced with a few improvements. The project serves as a symbol of the technological advancements the world has seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Made of breakthrough BASF plastics, the “Concept 1865” bike features an electric drive, bearings all-plastic pedals, puncture-proof tires, and a detachable seat that contains the battery for the bike’s electric drive.

bike 1

Heat molded to perfection, the frame, fork, and handlebar are made of carbon fiber, which is a lightweight and incredibly strong material commonly used for professional racing bikes. The overall strength and durability of the bike depends solely on the reinforced continuous-filament of carbon fiber fabrics. The only thing made of metal are the brakes, axles and motor. Meticulously engineered, this bike is a good representation of the changes that took place in design and technology.

bike 10

Just when you thought bike-riding was an out-of-date hobby, “Concept 1865” sets a new trend. The enlarged front wheel and a much smaller back wheel is definitely a head-turner.

“Concept 1865”

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