85-Year-Old Instagram User Encourages Seniors To Create Digital Histories

85-Year-Old Instagram User Encourages Seniors To Create Digital Histories

Barclays Bank help Rex Redstone share photos from as far back the 1920s.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 october 2013

At an impressive 85-years of age, Rex Redstone is the oldest known Instagrammer in the UK , and he’s been sharing photos from as far back as the 1920s, along with some from the present-day of course. Claiming the title of “Instagram-pa,” Rex is working alongside Barclays Digital Eagles to encourage other senior citizens to create historical digital timelines through photos, with the hope of bringing the young and old together online.

Rex lives in Peterborough, UK and could be described as a digitally curious Grandpa, as well as an avid fan of Facebook. Motivated by the desire to share memories with his family, some of who live in Australia, he decided to take to Instagram. Family, friends, and now the online community can all see some of the events from his long and fruitful life.


Over time, Rex and his wife May got the gist of the basics of online technology, but there was a point when he realised he needed a bit of help to take things further:

I knew there was much more for us to learn, but there was only so much we could do on our own.  With the help from the Barclays man [Digital Eagle] I can now share all the photos from my younger days on the internet, which have been kept in dusty albums in the cupboard for donkeys’ years.

Supported by Barclays Digital Eagles, a team of over 3,500 people based in Barclays branches across the UK, Rex has been able to achieved his technological ambitions. It’s not just Rex that the team are helping either, the Digital Eagles continue to assist other first-time or novice internet users to understand how the internet and using the latest apps can enhance their daily lives. Whether that’s sharing photos on Instagram, using Skype or Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends, catching up on the latest episode of their favourite soap opera, shopping online or understanding how they can use the latest technology to manage their money.


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