Google turns joke into reality, installing old Sydney monorail cars in its office, repurposing them as meeting rooms.

The Sydney monorail was decommissioned in June of this year after 25 years of use. The lack of passengers meant the unpopular transportation mode was destined for the junkyard, except for two rail cars that have now been installed in Google's Syndey office – all thanks to a joke request by a Google employee.

Using the internal ticketing system to contact the Facilities Office (usually used for building operations issues) Paul Cowan submitted a request for the monorail to be bought by Google and installed in its ever-expanding office as a means of lazy employees getting around. It was an obvious joke, but months down the line Cowan received a response from a member of the Facilities team, telling him to come along for a quick road trip to none other than the junkyard where the disbanded monorail had been stored. He and the team then picked out two rail cars to be installed in the office, at an estimated cost of $250,000 AUD.

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