Abandoned Sea Forts Host Rustic Pop-Up Bar

Abandoned Sea Forts Host Rustic Pop-Up Bar

Creative bartenders are invited by Kraken Rum to explore the "dark" side of a rum cocktail.

Serena Chu
  • 1 october 2013

The Kraken Rum is on a voyage in search of cocktails “as dark as a Krakens ink.” This one-day-only pop-up bar will open for business on board the Redsand Sea Forts off the coast of Kent. Bartenders from all over the world are invited to compete in a daring competition to see who can make the best use of the Kraken rum – all drinks must be concocted with at least 35ml of the black liquid.

ink 2

For those taking part in the competition, bartenders will be judged based on their interpretation of the “dark” brief either literally or figuratively. It is safe to say Kraken is fostering a maverick game that gives bartenders a chance to be part of an inventive and unique event. The winner will be awarded treasure chest prize.

The event is set to take place October 8th, other events such as the Kraken Rum Edible Autopsy and the “Feed The Beast” will also be hosting guests.

The invitation is posted on Miss Cakehead’s twitter page.

The Kraken Rum


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