Glowing Installation Floats 3,000 Bikes Above City Square [Pics]

Glowing Installation Floats 3,000 Bikes Above City Square [Pics]
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Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square features a labyrinth of bicycles.

Serena Chu
  • 10 october 2013

Making a grand appearance on the streets of downtown Toronto, the Forever Bicycles art installation lights up the night sky with pink and blue lights. Thousands of people gathered around this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche centerpiece, and caught a glimpse of Ai Weiwei’s collection of bicycles. The layers and layers of bicycles, as a whole, evoke a sense of blurred motion from every angle.

Visitors were invited to navigate through the labyrinth-like sculpture, and get a close up view of the individual frames, spokes, and wheels.

bike 2

This new version of Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles was assembled with 3,144 stainless steel bikes – the most he has worked with to date. Displayed in public for the first time, this contemporary piece will remain up until October 27th.

Forever Bicycles 

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