Airline Cutlery Fits Together To Create A Model Airplane [Pics]

Airline Cutlery Fits Together To Create A Model Airplane [Pics]
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The airline redesigns their flatware to reduce their carbon footprint.

Serena Chu
  • 9 october 2013

Notable French designer Eugeni Quitllet created an eco-friendly cutlery set for Air France. The new collection took inspiration from the “aerodynamics” of the aircrafts in which they will be used, and can be assembled to artistically resemble a plane.

It contains a knife, spoon, fork and a set of wings. The added set of wings increases the overall size and grip of the utensils, giving the user a more comfortable handling. Ergonomically designed, the cutlery is an assembly kit suitable for adults and children.

cutlery 1

Quitllet’s design will reduce the company’s raw material usage by 30%, which is equivalent to 40 tons a year. This new addition to meal trays will cut unnecessary costs for the airline, especially when Air France serves 14 million meals annually.

The new design will be taking flight in October, 2013.

Air France Collection

Images via DesignBoom.

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