Village Rents Itself Out On Airbnb To Survive The Flood Season [Pics]

Village Rents Itself Out On Airbnb To Survive The Flood Season [Pics]

The Banana Republic in Jakarta, Indonesia is taking bookings to raise money and awareness.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 october 2013

In Jakarta, Indonesia there is a small village that is currently taking bookings on Airbnb to raise money and awareness around its flooding problems.

The village is known as Banana Republic and is located in the middle of a banana plantation. During the rainy season the heavy rains cause the nearby river to overflow and the village gets flooded. The folks in the village run a small recycling business, but they need more money to help with de-clogging the river and building better roofs to keep the villagers dry during flood season.



Those who want to help out can book a stay at Banana Republic for $10 a night. According to the booking page on Airbnb, guests will need to bring their own toiletries and a sleeping bag if they want, but a mattress will be provided. Those who don’t want to stay the night can simply spend the day at the village and hang out with the locals for the same price of $10.

The listing was created by Jeremy, originally from Singapore and currently living in Jakarta. The listing includes photos of the village and descriptions of the area. Those who want to help out but can’t visit the village can get in touch with Jeremy via the listing page.


Images via Airbnb

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