Amusement Park Restaurant Constructed Entirely By Hand [Video]

Amusement Park Restaurant Constructed Entirely By Hand [Video]

A modern day Thoreau brings sausages and wine into the forest, and establishes a different kind of eatery.

Serena Chu
  • 15 october 2013

As you venture deep into the woods, passing by tree nymphs and magic fairies, you will find a mystical dreamland filled with…okay, maybe not. However, you will find a restaurant surround by carnival rides that have been built completely by hand.

amusement park 3

For the last forty years, Ai Pioppi restaurant owner Bruno has been building a woodland wonderland in an Italian forest. In efforts to attract more people to his family restaurant, Bruno constructed multi-story slides, seesaws, gyroscopes, tilt-a-whirls, and large-scale kinetic roller-coasters for discerning diners.

When asked what was his inspiration for the amusement park, Bruno simply replied, “they come from things around me.” Little things like rolling rocks and tree branches falling became the foundations to Bruno’s play-and-dine restaurant.

amusement park 2

With only a few jugs of wine and a couple kilos of sausages, Bruno started his restaurant business in 1969. Since then, Ai Pioppi has become a thriving restaurant.

Check out Bruno’s short documentary below.

Ai Pioppi

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