Tool Turns GIFs Into Holographic Playing Cards [Pics]

Tool Turns GIFs Into Holographic Playing Cards [Pics]
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Lenticular printed cards let you take your favorite animated images on the go.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 october 2013

People can’t deny their love for GIFs, so one company has decided to offer a service that converts the looping images into an analog format, meaning you can enjoy them even when there isn’t an internet connection. Gifpop uses lenticular printing to achieve this effect, meaning you can share those small, wonderful, funny, and amazing moments with your friends wherever you go.

Lenticular film consists of many tiny lenses and has been around since the 1940s, but hasn’t been used for much more than children’s toys in that time. Thankfully Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang have found a new use for the ten frames of animation that can fit onto the cards, creating something amazing from a relatively lo-fi technology.


The company smashed through their $5,000 goal on Kickstarter, which means they will probably be able to offer a service that lets you create GIFs from Vine and Instagram videos as well. The idea has even been good enough to attract some cool artists such as Mr. Div89-A, and Davidope to the project.

See some of the designs for yourself in the gallery below and start thinking of your favorite GIFs to turn into a carry-around card.



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