Animated Illustrations Signal The Future For Tablet Publications [Pics]

Animated Illustrations Signal The Future For Tablet Publications [Pics]
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British artist creates GIFs for Wired Italia, and introduces a new way to liven up print publishing.

Serena Chu
  • 14 october 2013

The transition from print editions to digital ones opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for magazines and other digital publications, which might be a solution to revitalize the static industry. Wired Italia recently incorporated animations into their monthly tablet edition.

davey 1

The publication commissioned British artist Robin Davey to create a series of metronomic animated illustrations. Orbiting hamburgers, tacos, watermelons, and ice cream cones were nestled between articles. Not only are these funky images fun to watch, they are also a smart way to capture reader’s attentions. If semi-neoned colored objects, revolving on an invisible axis does not get your attention, nothing else will.

davey 2

Pushing the boundaries of traditional media, Davey is driven by his passion and creativity. This is not the first time Davey has work for Wired Italia. His previous work was also a series of animations, and can be found on his personal website.

Robin Davey

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