iPad Story Lets Viewers Control The Plot Through Movement [Video]

iPad Story Lets Viewers Control The Plot Through Movement [Video]

IDNA is a platform that lets people explore the scenes in 360 degrees simply by swinging the iPad around them.

Daniela Walker
  • 22 october 2013

IDNA is an animated story that uses an iPad to give the viewer a feeling of 360 degree immersion into the story.


Created as part of Swiss digital studio ApeLab‘s prototype for spatial storytelling and designed by Sylvain Joly, IDNA can be explored simply by moving the iPad. As the device moves, so does the view within the animation and the story unfolds wherever the viewer’s interest lies, taking different paths depending on the user’s focus on certain angles or characters. The audio is also 3D and sensitive to a person’s orientation to give a deep feeling of immersion. Hand drawn before being digitally transferred, the prototype shows the possibility for interactive storytelling.

Watch the video below to see the 360 world of IDNA:



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