AR Navigation System Offers Pop-Up Directions In Real-Time

AR Navigation System Offers Pop-Up Directions In Real-Time

Get an insider's peak into how the automotive industry will apply augmented-reality into vehicles of the future.

Plus Aziz
  • 4 october 2013

Automotive companies have been experimenting with voice and gestural interfaces for a long time now. Whether it’s intended for a self-driving car or increased synchronicity between phone and automobile, these brands are betting big on the future of the road.

One example is Mercedes-Benz, which has been developing an augmented reality dashboard for its in-car navigation system, which will display the car’s surroundings and pop-up arrows and street names on the car’s touchscreen in real-time. The In-Vehicle Infotainment System will be revealed on October 10 in Munich at the InsideAR conference and they’ve released the video to give their community a sneak peak into what they have developed:

mercedes-benz AR prototype

The video indicates that the dashboard will be a space for telematic evolution (telematics being the integrated use of data and communication). The idea is to both enrich the navigation experience by providing the relevant information at the right time. An article in TechHive describes the in-car experience:

Mercedes-Benz Splitview technology, where the in-dash display shows one view to the driver and another view to the passenger. The driver might see the navigation route, and the passenger would see points of interest, such as a panoramic view or a live geocache pop-up located along the current route, ready for plundering.

Mark Boyadjis, a senior analyst on infotainment tech, is quoted for saying that AR systems will be introduced to the market in 2015 and expected to gain scalability by 2023. We should probably also expect varying experience designs and formats from all the leading car manufacturers and their technology partners.


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