Transparent AR Windows Transform Bus Rides Into History Lessons [Video]

Transparent AR Windows Transform Bus Rides Into History Lessons [Video]
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Public transportation buses that educate commuters about historically accurate events using smart screens.

Serena Chu
  • 28 october 2013

Public transportation commuting is not the most exciting thing to do, but luckily artist Ilse Heesterbeek found a way around the problem. By installing GPS-enabled smart screens onto public bus windows, Heesterbeek uses history and augmented reality to retell the story of the local surroundings, and finds a way to make the ride a little more enjoyable. She calls the project History Travels With You.  


The projected historical scenes and narratives are important events that took place years or decades ago. On the bus ride, people will get a chance to see herds of cows on the passing landscape that signifies a former cattle market. Hot-air balloon sitings are also geo-synchronized to appear as soon as the bus passes by a specific part of town. Short enough to keep your attention, but detailed enough to offer insightful information, these mini-lessons are a great way familiarize yourself with the city.

This is her 2013 graduation project, and was on display at the DAE during Dutch Design Week.

History Travels With You


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