Site Asks Whether Creative’s Designs Are Better Than Kittens

Site Asks Whether Creative’s Designs Are Better Than Kittens

Conceived and built by creative agency Behaviour, the site allows provide people a new way to judge artists' designs.

Sara Boboltz
  • 10 october 2013

Creative agency Behaviour asks the tough questions. “Is your work better than kittens?” they want to know.

Its site Better Than Kittens pits creative designs — beautifully letterpressed business cards, handcrafted pillows, black and white photography — up against baby cats to test emotional (or internet) appeal.



Artists and creators may add their own work to the gallery themselves in exchange for a personal page allowing them to keep tabs on how they’re faring. Users of the site also have the option to visit each designer’s online portfolio.


Thus far, only a few works — such as Hand to Hand‘s owl above — have beaten out the kittens, yet, suspiciously, several of these just so happen to feature cats or other small, fuzzy animals. A statement on Behaviour’s website says the idea started out as a joke in the studio, but seems to overlap with the “psychological” creative agency’s philosophy that “people are not always rational in their decision-making.” A quote on its site reads as a sort of mantra:

Design without psychology can be a source of dangerously misapplied effort.— Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy & Mather

Are kittens the new gold standard of design? Decide for yourself!

Better Than Kittens


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