Fake Pro-NSA Billboards Challenge The Idea Of A Surveilled Internet [Pics]

Fake Pro-NSA Billboards Challenge The Idea Of A Surveilled Internet [Pics]

BitTorrent takes responsibility for billboards that claim "The Internet Should Be Regulated," then defaces them.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 october 2013

BitTorrent recently claimed responsibility for posters that popped up in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, going against the idea of a free and open Internet. Including phrases such as “The Internet Should Be Regulated” and “Your Data Should Belong To The NSA,” they are part of a larger campaign from the company.

The campaign highlights key issues surrounding internet privacy, such as allowing personal information to become the property of a powerful few, accepting walled gardens of creativity and an overwhelming culture of surveillance. While it might seem gloomy, they also make it clear that there is a choice – whether or not to let the Internet become a tool for control, or a platform for innovation and freedom.


BitTorrent also wanted to highlight the fact it is a decentralized, artist-owned publishing platform: a zero-cost alternative for media distribution, and a secure, distributed response to the challenge of data surveillance: a way to sync and store information, free from the cloud.


Images by Animal New York

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