KaCaMa’s PP Capsule is a flexible chair stuffed with thousands of upcycled plastic caps wrapped in eco-friendly fabrics.

Hong Kong-based design agency KaCaMa has developed a flexible beanbag chair for living rooms full of upcycled bottle caps. The PP Capsule features 4,000 of the plastic caps wrapped in eco-friendly fabrics.

The craftmanship, supported by local seamstresses, turns the chair into a piece of furniture with love for the community and the environment. The beanbag chair turns waste material into a new item, which is important since bottle caps are often not recyclable on their own.

The recycled plastic caps are from Yan Oi Tong, a socially oriented non-governmental organization supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to manage and operate the EcoPark Plastic Resource Recycling Centre. Click through to see pictures of the PP Capsule:

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