Burger King Turns Its Cartoon Mascot Into A Burger [Pics]

Burger King Turns Its Cartoon Mascot Into A Burger [Pics]

Japanese Burger King welcomes the "Black Ninja" to their Asian Whopper menu.

Serena Chu
  • 14 october 2013

Burger King’s new Kuro Ninja, or Black Ninja, burger is giving McDonald’s Big Mac a run for its buns. The bizarre Kuro Ninja sandwich is stacked with an ebony bun colored with bamboo charcoal, hamburger patty, a hashbrown, regular fixings, and an extra long strip of bacon.

Made to resemble a black hooded ninja with an over-sized tongue, the burger is a Japanese follow up version to the Big Bacon Whopper introduced early this year.

burger king 2

That’s not all, Burger King went as far as to create a cute mascot to accompany the new burger. Stickers of Kuro Ninja are given with a combo meals. Starting October 25, the Black Ninja burger will be offered for a limited time.

burger king 3

Known for their innovated menus, Burger King is really stretching customer’s imagination with this one. Whoever knew long tongues are closely associated with ninjas. Just remember when you bite into the Black Ninja, it is sticking its tongue out at you.

Black Ninja 



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