Stop-Motion Vine Clips Recreate High School English Lit Classics [Video]

Stop-Motion Vine Clips Recreate High School English Lit Classics [Video]

Burt's Bees employs social media to promote their popular brand of products.

Serena Chu
  • 9 october 2013

Burt’s Bees is releasing a series of six-second Vine clips to promote the company’s collection of best-selling products. The Vine clips will be short reenactments of English literary classics.

Burt’s Bees secured lead acting roles for their lip balms and hand creams. One lip balm was dressed up as Meg from Little Women, while another wore a scarlet letter and channeled its inner Hester Prynne. Stories such as Moby Dick, Metamorphosis, Julius Caesar, and Gulliver’s Travels will all be featured in the company’s marketing campaign.


Do not underestimate these six-second clips because a lot of work goes into preparing and filming them. Vine animator Jethro Ames shared:

With the in-camera, stop-motion shooting for each six-second spot taking about four hours – after which it must go live (or be discarded). No post work is possible.

To further its social media presence, the company also introduced an Instagram campaign, featuring Burt Shavitz, the founder of Burt’s Bees, who will be uploading pictures about his backwoods activities in Maine.

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