Shuffled Buzzword Blocks Imagine The Trends Of The Future [Video]

Shuffled Buzzword Blocks Imagine The Trends Of The Future [Video]

Current media keywords used to create a bizarre new way of predicting the future.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 october 2013

Roman Tschäppeler is a Swiss consultant and author who has figured out an interesting new way to predict the future. Instead of turning to crystal balls or tarot cards, he simply has to shuffle a series of keywords into different combinations before they start to make sense.

The project is called Remix Demix and is actually quite an interesting way to take a snapshot of current media trends, and see how they might develop over the coming weeks and months. Currently consisting of 222 keywords from today’s media like “drone,” “green,” and “viral,” the project turns out some interesting results.

Phrases like “Heavy-Drone-Onomy,” “Moral Mania Clash,” and “Natural Artificial Meat” have all come into existence as a result of the project. See what kind of events you could imagine happening over the next few weeks with these combinations in mind, Tschäppeler imagines “Heavy-Drone-Onomy” as Fedex and Pizza Hut making deliveries using unmanned aerial vehicles, just in case you were stuck for some inspiration.


Watch the video to see some of the predictions come to life, and if you like what you see, be sure to try your own hand at predicating the future with the online generator:

Remix Demix


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