Photo Series Turns The Spotlight Onto Aggressive Catcallers [Pics]

Photo Series Turns The Spotlight Onto Aggressive Catcallers [Pics]
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Photographs that carry a symbolic meaning, and highlight a social phenomena that affects women.

Serena Chu
  • 16 october 2013

To document her transition from living in a suburban town in Colorado to being a victim of verbal and sexual harassment on the streets of Philadelphia, Hannah Price captures candid pictures of the men who catcalled her, and judged her based on her looks. Price’s visual project City of Brotherly Love – which is a work in progress – is a collection of photographs that tells a compelling story of her experience as an African-Mexican-American female.

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She primarily focuses on American minorities, and the roles they place in society. There is a story behind every picture Price takes. Her photographs are primarily linked to her personal encounters, and share a personal message that is truly empowering.

Price’s award-winning work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across Philadelphia and all across the East Coast.

Here are shots from her City of Brotherly Love project.

City of Brotherly Love


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