Rent the Chicken gives aspiring backyard farmers a chance to give the coop a season-long test run before making the commitment.

The past several years have seen a rise in backyard farming, and specifically in chicken raising. The allure is obvious; there is a rustic appeal to the idea of waking up to fresh eggs every morning, knowing that they're natural and straight from your garden. But many amateur farmers don't understand the full obligations of chicken ownership before taking the plunge, and the birds wind up dying from neglect, or are sent to animal shelters.

Rent the Chicken has come up with a solution. The Pennsylvania-based startup provides these amateur farmers with egg-laying hens and all of the necessary supplies for a successful season of chicken raising, without the commitment. The feathered friends come with a portable coop, enough feed for the entire rental period, food and water dishes, and instructions for care.

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