Circuit Board Paint Transforms Any Surface Into A Sensor [Video]

Circuit Board Paint Transforms Any Surface Into A Sensor [Video]
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Use Bare Conductor's electric paint to draw shapes that play sounds, turn on lights, and more.

Sara Boboltz
  • 30 october 2013

The small London-based design studio that brought us electrically conductive paint wants to give people the chance to use it in creative new ways. “Possibilities are limitless,” says Bare Conductive, when the paint is connected to one of their Touch Boards — an Arduino-powered device capable of playing sounds and sensing touch or distance without any programming necessary. (Although you can if you want, of course.)

The team posted a video on its Kickstarter page to show off some of these options. With a Touch Board and a relay shield to control voltage, you could paint a light switch directly onto your wall in whatever shape you’d like — switch shape, dinosaur shape, you name it.

Or, you could have the paint trigger a sound when touched using a microSD card — Touch Board has 12 electrodes along its edge. Touch the first one and you’ll hear the first track; touch the second electrode to hear the second track, and so on. Using Bare Conductive’s distance code, the paint and board can be used as a distance sensor, too, detecting a person walking through a doorway or a hand getting too close to a cookie jar. Any conductive material may be attached to the board.

As of this posting, the team has already raised $4,000 above their goal — with 28 days left to go — and so shipment is expected to begin in February 2014. Take a look at Touch Board below:

Bare Conductive

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