Virtual Game Environment Imagines The Cities Of The Near Future  [Pics]

Virtual Game Environment Imagines The Cities Of The Near Future  [Pics]

The upcoming SimCity expansion pack will let players engage in futuristic urban planning.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 25 october 2013

City-building simulator game SimCity goes beyond the limitations of today’s urban technologies in its new future-centric expansion pack called Cities of Tomorrow. Set somewhere between the years 2060 and 2080, Cities of Tomorrow gives players both an inspiring and sobering look at societies that are underpinned by some of today’s most advanced technologies.

To start, Cities of Tomorrow lets you choose between two new development trajectories. On one hand, there’s The Academy, which gives you the tools to build a utopian society where Maglev trains and garbage atomizers are commonplace, and a large-scale wireless network called ControlNet controls it all.


And on the other hand, there’s the less idyllic society of OmegaCo, which offers a grim look at a future of overblown corporate consumerism. In an OmegaCo-run society, natural resources are mined greedily and the rich control an exploited, low-wealth workforce.

Slated for release in the U.S. on November 13, SimCity Cities of Tomorrow offers the same urban-planning fun that fans of the franchise are used to. The difference, of course, is that this iteration forces you to consider tradeoffs as you build toward either a green utopia or a corporate-owned metropolis.

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow

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