How Al Gore Is Making Global Warming Personal

How Al Gore Is Making Global Warming Personal

“What I Love” is a web-based experience that asks users to identify the things they love and shows how climate change threatens them.

Daniela Walker
  • 1 october 2013

Al Gore has been telling the world about climate change every since he left the White House. Now his organization, The Climate Reality Project, is taking a new tactic for spreading the message of global warming by making it personal.

What I Love, is a new web-based experience that asks users what it is that they love. Lulling them in with a cinematic inferface and soothing music, users are asked to pick eight things they love – whether it be bread or New York City. It then invites the user to find out more about their chosen things, before shifting into a tale of how climate change is negatively affecting those things. It takes the abstract idea of climate change, and turns it into a deeply personal issue.


Introducing the new website initiative at the Social Good Summit in New York City, Gore explained:

Climate change has already cost us – in more costly extreme weather disasters, in failed crops, in heat and pollution-related health costs. What I Love goes beyond the dollar figure to capture the true, human cost of climate change by inviting us to imagine who we would be and how we would live our lives without what matters most.

To learn about how the things you love are being destroyed by climate change, visit

Climate Reality Project

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