Polite Burger Wrappers Show Eaters With Their Mouths Closed [Pics]

Polite Burger Wrappers Show Eaters With Their Mouths Closed  [Pics]

The Liberation Wrapper is a napkin that disguises a female eater’s mouth with the picture of a closed, polite smile.

Daniela Walker
  • 30 october 2013


It is difficult to be lady-like while eating a massive burger. So Japanese burger chain Freshness Burger has sought to solve the problem by collaborating with Tokyo advertising agency Dentsu East Japan to create the ‘Liberation Wrapper’, which lets a women tuck into her burger without any thought to daintiness and dignity.


The wrapper, which is less about liberation and more about antiquated gender norms, is a facsimile of a docile smiling Japanese woman’s face. Apparently, it is consider rude for women to open their mouths wide in Japanese culture, where women are praised for having ‘ochobo’ – small and modest mouths. While it may seem bizarre to Western eyes, the wrapper did provide a business solution, resulting in an increase of 200% in sales of women eating the chain’s Classic Burger.


Dentsu East Japan


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