Carbonated tea and nearly infinite order combinations are a couple things to expect.

The Teavana Fine Teas + Tea Bar on New York City's Upper East Side exists as a graceful mashup between a Starbucks and a Teavana. The atmosphere is muted and calm, brewing instruments are set up for sale, and there's a neatly printed menu above the front counter — it's just that nothing in the store revolves around coffee.

But if you know where to look, you'll see touches of the ubiquitous brand everywhere. Teavana's paper cups are plain white with a centered logo. Its iced cups are clear plastic with a solid-colored straw that's simply copper instead of green. A long countertop is interrupted by brewing machines, where baristas (if we can still call them baristas) go to work. Even the process of ordering — endless combinations of teas to make blends that can be served hot, cold, sweetened, or even carbonated with different bubble intensity — feels like it wouldn't be so out-of-place to hear ‘double tall iced vanilla latte.'

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