Jewelry Made From Confiscated Weapons Keeps Guns Off The Street [Pics]

Jewelry Made From Confiscated Weapons Keeps Guns Off The Street [Pics]

Liberty United melts down guns and bullet shells confiscated by the police and turns them into jewelry.

Daniela Walker
  • 8 october 2013

Liberty United is making a statement about gun violence, not through protests or petitions, but through beautiful jewelry.

Working with city governments, the company collects illegal guns that have been taken off the streets, smelts them and reuses the metal to create collections in collaboration with notable jewelers. Currently for sale is the Railroad Spike Collection by Philip Crangi.


Speaking about the work, Crangi tells Fast Company:

I make things, and if I can combine that with this idea of the actual material that we use used to be an implement of violence and now it’s a thing of beauty, that’s where I can fit into the story.

Liberty United was founded by Peter Thum, who has another company Fonderie 47 which creates fine jewelry out of machine guns taken from child soldiers in Africa. Liberty United is the Stateside equivalent but in a more affordable price bracket. Each piece has the serial number of the gun it was made from as well as a stamp, ‘Remade in America.’ Proceeds go to programs that are working to reduce gun violence. Says Thum:

These pieces are sort of an invitation to say that this is one way that you can express what you think about gun violence in this country and reducing it.

To see some pieces from Liberty United’s collection of bracelets, necklaces and rings click on the gallery below:

Liberty United

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