Public Kitchen Provides Construction Equipment To Make On-The-Go Meals [Pics]

Public Kitchen Provides Construction Equipment To Make On-The-Go Meals [Pics]
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Construisine pushes visitors to see material and nutrition as equal basics for creation.

Sara Boboltz
  • 22 october 2013

If you think about it, cooking and construction are both just ways that we prepare different ingredients. At least that’s the idea behind Construisine, Johanna Dehio and Dominick Hehl‘s project at this year’s Vienna Design Week.

To show how the processes behind making food and making furniture are not so different — and can perhaps borrow from one another — the designers created a public kitchen allowing visitors to craft simple furniture and cook meals using basic materials. Dehio explained:

There are rarely places in public that you can meet or talk without consumption. So this a space where you can come, bring your food, cook it and eat together.

Plywood and zip-ties were provided to create desks and benches, hacksaws could be used to cut up squashes, and stencils to form cakes. There were no written instructions — placement of tools and materials simply suggested potential uses, but could be implemented however a visitor liked.

Construisine was constructed as part of the event’s Stadtarbeit program, which provides funding to socially-conscious design projects. Materials were procured through that grant, donated from local businesses, and found. Dehio and Hehl invited local teens through Caritas, a youth empowerment organization, to try out the kitchen — with some now wanting to study design at school.

Johanna Dehio // Dominick Hehl

Images via Domus Web.


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