Creative Props Turn A Baby’s Naps Into Imaginative Wonderlands [Pics]

Creative Props Turn A Baby’s Naps Into Imaginative Wonderlands [Pics]
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A mother demonstrates her artistic talent while her baby takes a nap.

Serena Chu
  • 28 october 2013

With a sprinkle of magical sand from the Sandman, babies doze off into an imaginative dreamland in seek of adventure. One mother recreates her little prince’s dreamland with everyday objects like stuffed animals, toys, and blankets found around the nursery. Queenie Liao put together storybook-like designs of her sleeping son when he was asleep.

baby 5

The whimsical photo series, entitled “Wengenn in Wonderland,” features baby Wengenn in over one hundred adventures. Stealing the spotlight and our hearts without even knowing it, this little guy is definitely going to be a heart stopper when he grows up.

Liao’s album, “Wengenn in Wonderland,” is not the first collection of napsterpieces to circulate the web. Mothers Adele Enerson and Anna Eftimie have all made use of their babies’ nap time.

Wengenn in Wonderland



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