Crowdsourced Medical Advice Helps Doctors Crack Hard Cases [Video]

Crowdsourced Medical Advice Helps Doctors Crack Hard Cases [Video]

Sermo is a social network and community for doctors allowing them to help each other with tough cases and share information.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 october 2013

Sermo is a social network and online community for medical professionals and allows them to help each other with difficult cases and share insights and information wherever they may be in the world.

The network is especially beneficial to physicians who are in remote parts of the globe because they can consult with other doctors on tough cases. Doctors from various disciplines can easily give their insights and comments on the cases submitted by other doctors.


Sermo has collaborated with non-profit organization Floating Doctors led by Dr. Benjamin LaBrot. Floating Doctors provides free health care services and delivers donated medical supplies to remote areas like Haiti, Honduras, and Panama.

The organization uses Sermo’s iConsult app to tap into the network and community of doctors of Sermo. Doctors can upload case information anonymously and members of Sermo can comment and give their thoughts on the case.

Since the app was introduced, Sermo members have reportedly noted faster diagnoses, a decrease in laboratory work, and an increase in positive patient outcomes and recovery.


The short documentary below shows how this type of crowdsourced technology can help save lives.


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